In this guest blog, Dr. Aziza Sesay talks through cervical polyps, from diagnosis to treatment

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Talks with Dr. Sesay House of Medics feature

Dr. Aziza Sesay talks through the female reproductive anatomy whilst giving brief overview on some associated conditions


Dr. Aziza Sesay on GB News

Dr. Sesay discusses the gender health gap, women's gynaecological health and the launch of Eveappeal's "Know your body" Programme.


House of Medics - Women's Health Special with Dr. Aziza Sesay

In this talk with House of Medics, Dr. Sesay answers questions live and talks through all things women's health!



In this external health talk, Dr Aziza Sesay MBChB MRCGP DRCOG provided health tips and advice for working from home. The focus was on Cholesterol and specifically its impact on the black community.

"Dr Sesay provides Health Tips for WFH - Black Ladder Series: in celebration of Black History Month"


Afternoon Tea with Docs - Preventing Cervical Cancer with Dr. Aziza Sesay


Talks with Dr. Sesay - health talk

Prioritising your mental health and managing anxiety


Talks with Dr. Sesay - bitesize health talk

Cholesterol in 2 minutes

Here’s a brief introductory overview on cholesterol. It is very important to be aware of it and the risks it poses if its levels are high. People with high cholesterol levels do not usually exhibit any symptoms and so it can go unnoticed - insidiously causing damage within the body and leading to serious complications.


❗️There is a genetic predisposition to having high cholesterol. It can run in families.

❗️Being slim does not mean your cholesterol levels are not raised. As always, if in doubt, please discuss with your doctor.


Talks with Dr. Sesay - bitesize health talk

Acid Reflux in 2 minutes

Here's a brief overview on all you need to know about reflux in 2 minutes. Acid reflux is a very common condition. Here we discuss the basics of what reflux is, its risk factors, symptoms and how it is managed. Hope you like it. If you want to learn more, look out for the recording of our live session on the topic.


Talks with Dr. Sesay - bitesize health talk

Cervical Screening in 2 minutes

Cervical screening is very important in helping to prevent cervical cancer and saving lives. This is a quick overview video to raise more awareness on the cervical screening programme in the U.K. with emphasis on the new primary HPV screening approach being used in England, Scotland and Wales.