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“Talks with Dr. Sesay” is a platform for health education, awareness, advocacy and empowerment.

The goal of this platform is to equip you with knowledge about common medical conditions whilst empowering you to lead healthier lifestyles.

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"I hope that by viewing our content, you will feel empowered and encouraged with the knowledge gained and seek further assistance from your doctor, if you have any concerns. I'm very passionate about making a difference and changing the narrative." 


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We are grateful to be recognised as a "Top 100 Change-Maker" by Creative Impact Magazine.

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"Dr. Sesay was a fantastic ambassador for the co-created gynaecological health awareness campaign Be Gynae Aware due to her clear and consistent messaging of which gynaecological red flag symptoms  to look out for through her Instagram reels. Her insight and experience were pivotal to the targeted myth busting messages for people from different cultural groups, which was an important aspect of the awareness work. She was also a wonderful co-presenter on an Insta live session with The Eve Appeal and answered questions on gynaecological health with simple practical recommendations from evidence-based sources and her own experience as a GP, seeing patients every day in a busy surgery."

UK Oncology Patient Advocacy Lead at GSK

Disclaimer: We do not provide any personal medical advice. Our content is intended for informational and educational purposes only. If you are concerned about any symptoms please do seek advice and support from your Doctor.

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