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Dr. Aziza Sesay

Dr. Aziza Sesay is a GP, GP Educator, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Host, Speaker and Health Content Creator. She runs a health platform called ‘Talks with Dr. Sesay' sharing evidence-based health information on a variety of topics specifically women’s health, cancer awareness, mental health and health inequity.


Dr. Sesay is Vice Chair and Creative Director of Black Female Doctors UK. She is an Ambassador for the charities Eve Appeal, Wellbeing of Women, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) Hatfield Vision, and the Everywoman Festival. She is a member of the World Health Organisation Fides group and is one of the select creators of the first YouTube Health Partner Programme. She is also on the YouTube IQ Creator Programme with a select few who create videos targeting underrepresented communities.

Dr. Sesay is the fundraising lead for Keep it Fax charity, one of the Board of Directors of Prevention First Initiative, Trustee of Cysters charity and a member of the James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) for Adult Faecal Incontinence (FI) steering group. She has collaborated and worked with a number of organisations including NHS England, Department of Health and Social Care, YouTube Health, CoppaFeel!, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, and Black Women Rising UK. In addition, she has been involved in and worked on several national public health campaigns. She has been selected as a UN Women UK delegate for CSW67 and CSW68.

Dr. Sesay has been featured on BBC News, The Guardian, Telegraph, Metro News, Stylist magazine, Women's Health UK and more. She has hosted and presented as Keynote Speaker for several women’s health events. She has also been featured on multiple podcasts, radio and television interviews as well as written and contributed to health articles.

If you would like to book Dr. Sesay for a speaking engagement, please contact us. Please include details of the proposed speaking engagement, your name and email address and Dr. Sesay will respond.

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