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What people say


Black Employees and Allies Network, SMBC 

"It was an honour to have Dr. Sesay kick off a series of events in celebration of Black History Month with a captivating discussion on Menstrual Health. Her presentation not only provided invaluable information but also served as a platform to break the silence surrounding menstrual health, underlining its significance as an issue that impacts many individuals. She embraced inclusivity by acknowledging diverse experiences of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. We would again like to thank Dr. Sesay for such an inspirational and empowering discussion.”

UK Oncology Patient Advocacy Lead at GSK

"Dr. Sesay was a fantastic ambassador for the co-created gynaecological health awareness campaign Be Gynae Aware due to her clear and consistent messaging of which gynaecological red flag symptoms  to look out for through her Instagram reels. Her insight and experience were pivotal to the targeted myth busting messages for people from different cultural groups, which was an important aspect of the awareness work . She was also a wonderful co-presenter on an Insta live session with The Eve Appeal and answered questions on gynaecological health with simple practical recommendations from evidence-based sources and her own experience as a GP, seeing patients every day in a busy surgery."

Social Media Manager at CoppaFeel

"Working with Dr. Sesay has been such an incredible experience. She brings so much insight to every conversation and opportunity for collaboration. She is generous with her time, expertise and creativity. The proof is really in the pudding, because every piece of content Dr. Sesay creates is considered, unique & engaging. She has a really knack for unpacking taboo/difficult topics in an approachable and accessible way."

Communications and Media Manager at The Eve Appeal

"The Eve Appeal has worked with Dr. Sesay on several gynae health Instagram reels, on topics such as cervical screening, ovarian cancer, and anatomy. She has also been a fantastic ambassador for our campaign Get Lippy. Her content is engaging and informative and she is never short of ideas! Her content fills the gap of being both informative and shareable. She is communicative and easy to work with and we love having her as part of Team Eve!"

Digital Communications Advisor at International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

"Dr. Sesay produced Instagram reels for the International Planned Parenthood Federation for Cervical Cancer Prevention Week and for World Cancer Day. Her content was engaging, creative and informative and she was lovely to work with. Thank you for being so quick to reply to our requests with professionalism, kindness and thoughtful insight and expertise."

Communications & Development Manager at PANDAS Foundation

"Dr Sesay has worked with our charity, The PANDAS Foundation many times to help support our campaigns relating to perinatal mental health. Her passion for supporting those going through health difficulties has shone through and we are so grateful for her commitment to help charitable causes like ours. We know she has made such a positive difference in helping educate people on important issues regarding health, as well as help people feel seen, heard, and understood. Dr Sesay is a pleasure to work with and we can't wait to work with her more in the future"

Social Content Producer at Vitafoods Europe

"We were thrilled to have Dr Sesay take part in our global panel discussion on Women’s health for Vitafoods Europe 2023, focussing on the gender health gap.  Her knowledge and passion were invaluable.  She is an inspiring role model for many and, in this case, demonstrated to the nutraceutical community the importance of shining a light on women’s health issues through research and education."

Multicultural Marketing Consultancy

"We have worked with Dr Sesay as our expert on a number of health campaigns targeting multicultural communities. Her energy and clarity in media interviews, creativity and dynamism in her social media content has helped us engage effectively with our target audience. She’s a pleasure to work with, always going the extra mile, fostered in our shared commitment to address health inequalities across multicultural communities in the UK."

Content Marketing Manager at Black Women Rising

"Dr. Aziza Sesay has been a valuable supporter of Black Women Rising UK, contributing to the empowerment of black women in our community. Her dedication and assistance have made a positive impact, addressing the unique challenges faced by black women and providing them with valuable guidance and support. We greatly appreciate Dr. Sesay's commitment and the contributions she has made to our organization's mission."

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